Audio Players, Browsers, and WordPress

The State of HTML5 Audio is a good article to sum up this request for an article on the Codex dealing with the unwillingness of Mozilla to pay MP3 licensing feeds and multimedia publishers and podcasters dealing with the challenges of HTML5 players versus Flash players and browsers not embracing standard audio formats.

We need an article addressing this issue specifically in WordPress. Is the core audio management for WordPress enough to handle fallbacks or are Plugins the way to go? Which ones should we recommend to handle this? Etc.

It’s an intermediate to advanced topic on multimedia web publishing in WordPress.

References: Building a Custom HTML5 Audio Player with jQuery « Neutron Creations, The Joy of HTML5 Audio: Tips & Tricks for Easy Sound Embedding, Using HTML5 audio and video – MDN, <a href="; title=", the silent browser killer « « Dave RupertDave Rupert”>, the silent browser killer « « Dave RupertDave Rupert