Welcome to the WordPress Docs Team list of Things to Do on the and the information you need to know to help us update and improve the online manual for WordPress.

What You Need to Know

Anyone can help, from beginner to advanced. You do not have to be familiar with WordPress or even how the WordPress Codex works to pitch in.

Simply log into the (your general WordPress.org login should work) and find a page that needs some help. Click EDIT next to the section that needs correction and fix it.

If you wish to change the look and feel of the page’s content, use the Editing Help guidelines.

To do more than just fix spellings and grammar:

  1. Starting point for guidelines on how to contribute: Codex Guidelines
  2. What you need to know first: Contributing: First Things First
  3. How to create a new page on the Codex: Creating a New Page
  4. How to create a user page for you to play on: Creating a User Page
  5. Codex styles and guidelines for look and feel and voice: Codex Styles
  6. Help for editing and writing Codex articles: Editing Help
  7. WordPress Codex Conventions
  8. WordPress Codex Categories
  9. Codex Voice, Style, and Audience
  10. Testing and playing with WordPress Codex styles: Sandbox
  11. Pasting code for testing and checking: Pastebin.com

How to Get Started

There are many ways to contribute to the WordPress Codex. I wrote A Guide to the WordPress Codex, The Online Manual for WordPress Users to give you an overview of the various areas of the Codex that may need your attention.

  • Editing: We need volunteers to just edit, to fix what we misspell and grammar boo boo. You can use the Random Page to find any page on the Codex and give it a look over, or check out the articles marked as Category:Copyedit, our request for articles that are unfinished or need more work and review.
  • Check the Task List: This blog features an extensive list of things to do, so assign yourself to a task or comment upon one to help get it done.
  • Start a New Article: If you have a tip, technique, or specific code to help WordPress do better, check out what’s already available in the following areas and consider what you can add that’s new. Check out How to Start an Article on the Codex for tips on creating a draft.
  • Watch Us Work: Keep an eye on what’s new and happening on the Codex and refresh to see the changes: Recent changes.

What Needs Work Right Now

The following are maintenance categories featuring articles in need of work. Click them and pitch in to fix them, and when ready, remove the “stub” to remove them from that category. If necessary and applicable, alert the WP Docs team for permission before removing the stub.

Additional maintenance pages are found in Special pages « WordPress Codex.

The WordPress Codex uses the following “stubs” and categories for tracking our writing, editing, and maintenance pages. Place these at the top or bottom of a page as appropriate.

  • {{Stub}} : The Stub categorizes the page as incomplete and in need of editing and expansion. To view: Category:Stubs.
  • {{Draft}} : Put this at the top of the page. All pages added are scanned by search engines. The Draft notice at the top of every page will warn others that this is a work in progress, that the information may be incorrect, and may also warn others not to edit it until you are finished working on it. To view: Category:Drafts.
  • [[Category:New page created]] : Defines a page as new and will attract the attention of editors. Do not use until you are ready for editing and/or moving the article out into the general documentation from your user page. To view and edit: Category:New page created.
  • {{Copyedit}} : Copyedit designates this article as in need of work, usually general overview and editing. It marks it as fairly complete but needing review. Use {{Stub}} for incomplete articles. To view articles awaiting editing work: Category:Copyedit.

Contact Information for the WordPress Docs Team

Your help is greatly appreciated.