Things to Do on the Codex as of… 

Things to Do on the Codex as of Nov 11, 2011

The following are some of the things that need to be done, in addition to other things to do found on this site that aren’t checked off the list, yet. 😀

1. WordPress Login – we need an article that dissects the login panel and offers tips for customization.

2. Footers: Changing and fixing the footer is the number three most popular post on my own site. Clearly there is a need. Can we expand what information we have on the footer to get these questions answered? How to add code, how to add links, how to incorporate template tags (inside/outside the loop), pictures, etc.

3. Dashboard changed to backend or Administration Panels or Screens. The Dashboard is a trademarked name and we have to be VERY careful using it on the Codex. We need to dig into the Codex and change all references to Dashboard to backend or Administration Panels or Screens except when mentioning that specific panel/screen and then it is capitalized as a namesake reference, but the backend of WordPress is not “the Dashboard.” Same goes for calling it the “WordPress Admin.” There is an Admin Bar, so let’s not confuse that with the “WordPress Admin” and call it the backend or Administration Screens. (I guess Screens is now the word of choice over Panels.)

4. Akismet! I thought we had a page on Akismet and we don’t. Hmmm. I know it is by Automattic but it comes with every installation of WordPress so we need to talk about it. What it is, how it works, how not to mark comment spam as trash but as spam, etc. Then we need to link to it from a bunch of pages where it is mentioned. Who’s up for it?

5. Blog to Site. Another naming convention has been to change WordPress blog to WordPress site, especially since the release of the WordPress MS option. We need to make sure that this change is done appropriate so that blogging isn’t completely removed but site gets its fair share of SEO coverage. 😀

6. WordPress Theme Doc Updates: WordPress Theme documentation is not so much out of date but needs a good referrer course. Anyone want to take on the clean up and rewriting job to ensure they still speak for understanding how Themes work, how to install them, find them, and some Theme development help (like being clear that not all Themes are equal, that Post Formats will only work with themes enabled with the feature, same with Widgets (doesn’t mean the whole Theme is Widgetized), etc.)?

7. Registration Spam: Comment spam is covered, but we need an article that looks at the technical issues and challenges of registration spam. This could include some references to Plugins but it would be nice to have some options in the .htaccess or elsewhere to help people deal with this issue.

8. WordPress Instant and Bitnami: Bitnami has its own page on the Codex. We need to change this to a page on How to Install WordPress to a Flash Drive or How to Install WordPress to a Portable Drive so it covers all the various options and Bitnami doesn’t get its own stand alone page on the Codex.