Celebrate the 8th Birthday of WordPress by Contributing to the Codex! 

WordPress is 8 years old in May 2011. It’s amazing how far WordPress, the free web publishing platform, has come. From a tiny fork called B2 to WordPress as it is today, it was mostly done with the love, passion, and personal commitment by thousands of volunteers. What started as a wish to blog better is now being used by millions and millions of people and businesses around the world.

To honor the eight amazing years of WordPress, WordCamp Developers is kicking off a month long project to update and add to the wealth of information on the , the online manual for WordPress Users, and your help is needed.

We are looking for anyone of any user level and familiarity with WordPress.

  • Can you read and write and fix spelling or grammar errors, we need you.
  • If you are familiar with the latest version of WordPress and want to help us update all our docs, go for it.
  • If you are a WordPress Theme whizbang, we need updates and articles to help guide people through all the things you can do with a Theme.
  • If you are a WordPress Plugin geewhiz, we need your help to update and add articles on every aspect of writing a WordPress Plugin.
  • If you have a tip, tutorial, or technique for using WordPress, please add your wisdom to the free online manual for WordPress users.

There are so many ways you can help. Just jump in or check out the specific ways you can say happy birthday to WordPress through the WordPress Codex.

We’ve put together How to Help the WordPress Codex and Writing Tips for the WordPress Codex to help get you started.

This blog, WordPress Documentation Team – Codex Things to Do List, is to help us with this month long celebration which begins with WordCamp Developer, May 5, 2011. It is designed to list the things to do efforts on the Codex, to direct volunteers to specific tasks, and answer questions along the way.

On May 5th at WordCamp Developers, teams will be volunteering throughout the day to help update and add to the Codex. Everyone is invited to join us.

To join us, simply jump in. To take on a task, comment on the task to let the world know you are working on it. If you have any questions along the way, ask on that task. When done or ready for someone else to jump in, let us know on that comment.

It would help us all if you would bold task updates such as Taken, Open, Ready for Review, or Done.

Got a suggestion for a new article or task, ask away. Start a new post.

We’ll be chatting live on the FreeNode IRC at #wordpress-docs.

The hashtag for the WordPress Codex birthday project is #wpdocs. The hashtag for WordCamp Developers is #WCDev.

Thanks to everyone on the WordPress Development Team, Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group in Vancouver, BC, WordCamp Developers, also in Vancouver, and for helping to kick off the 8th birthday of WordPress in May.

Help send a birthday message with a thank you to the WordPress Community, and help us enrich the documentation that so many people rely upon.